HVAC (Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning) GEO POWER SERVICE. It is the main business of Since its establishment on April 2006, 19.000 residential district heating system and 400.000 m2 greenhouse heating system projects have been prepared. With the project management we provide in geothermal district heating systems, necessary studies are completed in a very short time and the projects are ready to be procured. We prepared the district heating system projects of İzmir Geothermal AŞ, Çeşme Geothermal, Nevşehir Kozaklı, MEGE Sultanhisar Dora-1 and Dora-2 reenergization lines, Çanakkale Tuzla Geothermal Inc. 7 MW and BM Holding Gümüşköy 13 MW power plant BOP projects. Steels Geothermal Pamaukören 1 & 2 MEB completed the acceptance procedures in 2013. (3x22,5MW), Sultanhisar 1 & 2 (2x13,8MW), Karadeniz Enerjiye Umurlu (2x12MW), Saray Holding Greeneco (2x12MW) Enerjeo AŞ owned by Güris AŞ and owned by Çelikler AŞ, Pamukören 3 & 4 & 5 We continue to provide consultancy services for mechanical (mBOP), electrical eBOP and construction (CBOP) project services in our own (2x12MW) plant investments.

Consultancy :

Technical consultancy on energy investments, design optimization, economic consultancy, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, bidding management, manufacturing supervision consultancy services are among our services. GEO POWER SERVICE SERVICES İzmir Geothermal Co., Inc. is located in the design and commissioning areas of well, geothermal heat center and district heating systems. Has achieved a considerable knowhow accumulation in the projects it has carried out. In 2007, Pozitif Enerji supervised the new branches of ABN AMRO Bank NV. He is a consultant for mechanical installations of Izmir University of Economics. We have been the director of Bostan Tarım AŞ's 700 da Greenhouse, 5 MW Power Plant, Termal Hotel & SPA and Food Drying Plant projects.

Trade and international relations:

As a result of GEO POWER SERVICE services; Control valves, PLCs, heat pumps, pipelines, etc. The company has developed international relations and has carried out joint business with many well known companies in this field.


GEO POWER SERVICE has designed and commissioned heating and cooling systems, most of which are domestically and industrially applied.